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QUIMPER - 29000

Capital of Cornwall

City of art and history

The city has an absolute charm thanks to its alleys with wooden dwellings, its flowery footbridges on the Odet, its museums with rich collections, its famous butter place grouping the best crepes. Visit the cathedral of St Corentin: jewel of Breton Gothic art with its deviated nave, its magnificent stained glass restored, the statue of Gradlon connecting Quimper to the legend of the city of ys... Quimper religious capital with the building of the ancient bishop where today one finds the departmental Breton museum. Of course not to miss our historic district of Locmaria, a real setting for our hotel..

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Come and enjoy the sensations!

A natural site belonging to the "Grands sites de France", sculpted by the winds facing the Sein raz and which remains the most famous site of Finistère.

In clear weather, panorama on the island of Sein and the lighthouses of the Old and Tevennec. Along the cliffs, the GR34 coastal trail offers a breathtaking view of this breathtaking landscape.

The parking is paid for but allows to ensure the necessary maintenance of the site and to continue to provide this kind of emotions to all visitors.


House of Pointe du Raz and Cap Sizun 02 98 70 67 18


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In the heart of the Bigouden country, the tip of La Torche is an exceptional natural peninsula. This rocky spur is a known spot for kitesurfers and funboarders.

Here, whatever the season, the waves and the wind are always there.

You can also take splendid walks along the beaches and discover the view of the Audierne Bay.

The Hotel Ginkgo is located 20 mn from La Torche and offers you to take advantage of our available room to store your equipment in a safe place during your stay at the hotel. The small plus one SPA session in the evening for a really relaxing moment! - Free Parking

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Off Concarneau, seven islets offer a paradisiac show with white sand beaches and emerald green waters. It is as if we are in the Pacific and all this is only a few tens of thousands from the continent! Possibility of boarding on stars from Bénodet for a day. Think about booking. Learn more: Odet stars - 02 98 57 00 58


A renowned sailing school has been there for many years.


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CONCARNEAU & its walled city

The closed city and its ramparts is one of the most visited sites of Brittany.

In the summer it is advisable to go there in the morning because its narrow streets can be quickly congested. Two small bridges open the doors of the walls. On the sides, paved alleys escape to openings overlooking the fishing harbour with 200 boats animating the docks and the yelling. Don’t forget to visit the fishing museum at the entrance of the brothel city extremely rich through the collection of maritime heritage.

To deepen the visit, look at the different fishing techniques (trawl, tuna, sardine, etc.) and climb aboard L'Hémérica, an authentic 34 m trawler, moored at the museum dock. To see absolutely! To visit as a family because there are animation workshops for children.


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LOCRONAN  - Small city of character

One of the most beautiful villages in France. Discover the beautiful mansions that radiate around the beautiful central square and its well.

In the 11th century Saint Ronan christianizes the places and gives birth to the city. The one called Locronan gained wealth and beauty from the 14th century, thanks to the weaving of sailing canvases. it is pleasant to criss-cross the pedestrian paved alleys to admire the authentic architecture of this historic site and to discover its craftsmen’s shops. Parking at the entrance of the village is paid for but this is necessary to preserve the site which serves as a decor for many films. The Christmas season is particularly magical because the Christmas market filled the historic heart. To be seen without hesitation.

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PONT AVEN - City of painters

This small town, owes its fame to the school of painters who had Gauguin as master. Strolling along the estuary, crossing the bridges, it is easy to imagine the artists fascinated by the poetry of the landscapes and the brightness of the small harbour. Don’t forget to stroll along the oak on Xavier Grall’s promenade with its flowering bridges. Stop at the Pont Aven Museum or in the many painting galleries and why not come back with the famous Pont Aven cakes!

To continue this walk continue to the Pouldu on the city of Clohars Carnoët (29360) - 8 kms to visit the Pouldu museum house with the reconstitution of the inn of Marie Henry where Paul Gauguin and his friends painters Sérusier, Filiger and De Haan took pension from 1889.