Locmaria - QUIMPER

Welcome to Quimper, Breton capital of Cornwall labeled "City of art and history". Here, culture and heritage blend harmoniously, which are proudly featured in the Breton Departmental Museum through its collections to discover the richness of its traditions. Built along the Odet River, Quimper has amazed since the dawn of time with its medieval architecture and half-timbered houses but also with the wealth and know-how of its craftsmen.

Our historic district of Locmaria is famous for its peaceful atmosphere, its cobbled streets with its architectural treasures such as the Abbey Church of the eleventh century and its many local craftsmen: faience, embroiderers.

Stroll through the remarkable Garden in front of the Ginkgo Hotel, decorated with aromatic and medieval plants in the spirit of the monasteries of the time of the Queen Anne of Brittany.

Let yourself be surprised by the magic of this city of character and live a unique experience by creating your own memories.


Simon Bourcier


Locmaria  QUIMPER

Created in 1690, HENRIOT-QUIMPER has since continued to innovate, to appeal to artists.
She continues to make known her know-how throughout the world: the stroke of a brush, and hand-made, from shape design to hand-hand decoration.

The largest choice of HENRIOT faiences in Quimper
Outlet store : Locmaria - 29000 Quimper

Tél: 02 98 52 22 52


Simon Bourcier

The guided tour takes you to the heart of our workshops where everything is still hand-made and decorated, from the creation of moulds to hands-on decoration: a rare and exciting know-how.

Departure times guided tours for July and August 2021:

Monday to Friday:

morning: 10.30 - 11.30/ afternoon: 14.00 - 15.00 - 16.00

Duration of the visit: 30 minutes

Single rate 5€ - free for under 7 years.

The shop is open from Monday to Saturday (except holidays):
Morning: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm/ Afternoon: 1:45 pm to 6:15 pm

Closed on sunday


Simon Bourcier


The shop is open from Monday to Saturday (except holidays):
Morning: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm/ Afternoon: 1:45 pm to 6:15 pm

Closed on sunday



Quimper cradle of the ridge for 300 years and has a museum relating this craft tradition.

Exhibition of more than 500 pieces constantly renewed thanks to a collection of more than 2000 works : composition of religious inspiration, history, scenes of everyday life...


Exhibition 2024 : Trésors cachés

In 2024, the museum honors collectors of Quimper faience by hosting more than 200 treasures often unpublished ! More than fifty artists, who have made the reputation of earthenware, integrate a superb ensemble to discover.

14, rue Jean-Baptiste Bousquet  - Locmaria - 29000 QUIMPER 

Tél. 02 98 90 12 72


  • embroidery school
  • embroidery shop
  • pascal jaouen exhibition
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With the School of Embroidery Art of Quimper that he created, Pascal Jaouen gave a serious boost to traditional embroidery : «Embroiderer stylist» iconoclastic and facetious, he knows better than anyone to inscribe traditional embroidery in our time with creations (clothing, tableware, etc.) of striking modernity.

The school is recently entrusted to Yann Lagoutte and offers internships and regular courses during the year. Registration at 02 98 95 23 66.

An on-site shop offers many kits and embroidery materials.


Remarkable garden with aromatic and medieval plants in the spirit of the monastery gardens of the time of Queen Anne of Brittany


Locmaria Prieure

Located along the Odet, near the priory, the garden has been landscaped since 1997 with aromatic and medieval plants in the spirit of the monastery gardens of the time of Queen Anne of Brittany (1477-1514). This garden received 1 star in the Michelin Guide. Religious symbolism is present. In its center, a kiosk houses a fountain whose water, symbol of life and purification, flows like the rivers that once irrigated paradise.

The oak pergola recalls the celestial vault, the alleys form crosses… Open from 9:00 to 18:00 - free - Place Berardier - Locmaria - Quimper

historical monument

breton romanesque architecture 16th century


Beautiful example of the beginnings of Breton Romanesque architecture: the volumes are perfectly visible and regular, the exterior is very sober. It was modified in the 12th and 6th centuries by the addition of a Gothic portal arched with warheads. The plan is very regular and has a nave of six bays, with a slight transept and a staggered bedside. The nave, dating from the eleventh century. is the oldest part of the church. The church is flanked by a 16th-century cloister along the south side. Its plan is in the form of L. It was built of limestone and has a dozen arcades in semicircular. 2019 she has celebrated 1000 years !



In 1239, the bishop of Quimper, Raynaud decided to replace the new choir intended to replace that of the Romanesque period. Its construction will last several centuries, it will take the name of Corentin in tribute to the first bishop of the region. This will give way to a magnificent gothic cathedral, architectural and spiritual masterpiece.

Guided tours are offered to visitors with tour guides.

St Corentin’s Cathedral bears witness to the history and culture of the region which continues to attract visitors from all over the world.

If you want to know more about its construction, have a look of this video :


view of locmaria quimper along the odet river

Our Locmaria district is changing

Historical cradle of Quimper and tourist gateway to the city center, Locmaria will gain in attractiveness. The tourism, economic, cultural and heritage issues related to these developments are of capital importance for the city, the agglomeration and Cornwall. Locmaria is the heart of Quimper, the cultural capital of Brittany.

The fame of Locmaria does not date from yesterday, or even the day before: already occupied in the Gallo-Roman era, the port city has seen faience develop there with happiness.