Prepare your stay

Starting from Quimper, here are a few destinations to discover our beautiful region of Cornwall throughout the year. The hardest part will be making a choice!
A territory that will give you unforgettable experiences accompanied by intense emotions!
All within a maximum 30 mn drive around the hotel.


Want to change your air, you are in the right place because Cornwall has huge protected natural spaces, whether solo, as a couple or as a family.

Want to move, thanks to our 330 km of coastline, come and enjoy the nautical spots of international renown: La Torche, Les îles Glénan...

Wandering or hiking: 650 kms of GR and 1425 kms of PR without forgetting the 800 kms of ATV routes and green highway.

Wish to discover Breton culture: 2 cities of art and history (Quimper, Concarneau), 2 small cities of character (Locronan, Pont-Croix), 2 emblematic Brittany museums (Pont Aven, Beaux arts Quimper)

La Cornouaille is also: 4 golf courses, 7 marinas, 7 parks and gardens.


Laurent Guilliams / CRTB

Robin Foster / Le voyage des Koumoul



Many surf schools welcome your children from the age of 5. For young people, many one week internships supervised by professionals in a friendly atmosphere allow you to learn or confirm your level. At any age, come try the experiment.

Find all surf schools in the Bigouden Country on:

The Hotel Ginkgo is located 20 mn from La Torche and offers you to take advantage of our available room to store your equipment in a safe place during your stay at the hotel. The little plus a session at the SPA Biloba in the evening for a really relaxing moment! - Free Parking

This point, the southern edge of Audierne Bay, is not only reserved for surfers, it is also a windsurfing sport thanks to its 11kms of beach!

It is not uncommon to meet riders or hikers practicing the GR34 that crosses a landscape of dunes, marshes, pebbles, reeds where lovers of ornithology will be able to admire certain species such as the European waspier, the aquatic fauvettes...

In the spring you can admire the arrival of the field tulips, come and admire the flowering of the hyacinths also of the Kaandorp Sté. Visitors will be able to contemplate these expanses of flowers by taking the paths of the surroundings on 5kms.

Watching the stunning sunset that follows an unparalleled star sky as there is no light pollution here.

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Photos : Emmanuel Berthier - Diaphane El Prod

GR 34 or Path of the customs officers

For a walk at the end of the world, terminus in front of the sea.

Cliff side plot offering a magnificent panorama on Douarnenez Bay.

The Finistère, Penn ar Bed (head of the world) in Breton attracts you by its breathtaking landscapes, here time stops. It is not for nothing that the GR 34 was chosen best trail of Great hiking by the French. The perfect opportunity to make memorable photos! Natural headlands, steep headlands, turquoise waters, an idyllic setting for hiking.

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Photos : Yannick Derennes - Nicolas Job - Donatienne Guillaudeau - Yannick Le Gall / CRTB

Finistère Lighthouses - Sentinels of the sea

On this particularly dangerous Finisterian coast from the extremely strong marine currents: encounter between the English Channel and the Atlantic, it was necessary to build these stone ships to ensure the safety of the ships.

Enjoy being in the bigouden country to admire the most beautiful.

Tévennec, The old lady, The Partridge...

Visit Eckmühl at the tip of Penmarc'h, climb its 307 steps to admire the view at 70m above sea level. The record to beat remains 47 seconds! This remains one of the most visited monuments of Finistère.